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We are glad that All Tomorrow's Parties, a music festival that is hosted in Iceland and the United Kingdom, is being hosted yet again in Iceland. Last year we sent our senior music editor to cover the festival and he got to experience a rather sexual and intimate moment with folk-legend Nick Cave.
Eistnaflug, an annual metal festival held in Iceland, will celebrate their ten year anniversary next year.
Bang Gang mastermind Barði Jóhannsson and Jean-Benoît Dunckel of Air fame have joined forces and created the band Starwalker.
If your plans for the weekend include staying in Reykjavík, then Gamli Gaukurinn is the place where you should be at tomorrow evening at 9 pm!
Emilíana Torrini is a name that most fans of Icelandic music know or should know. She has not been very noticable lately, but is back with a new album.
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