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The upcoming Godzilla reboot has finally gotten its first official cinematic trailer. We're treated to a few short glimpses of the creature as well as images of the destruction left by the movie's monsters. Usually we don't get too excited about all these reboots coming out of Hollywood, but Godzilla looks like it will actually be an epic monster movie! Check out the official trailer and description below

Here's the trailer for the RoboCop reboot. As a huge fan of the orignal Verhoeven film I'm definitively not getting my hopes up that this will be good. Looks like it has potential to be brain-less eintertainment at best. Maybe I'm biased, maybe it's the PG13 rating (I mean c'mon, really?), in any case it comes off as generic and a bit silly. What do you think?

Iron Man 3 has come close to breaking records when it comes to blockbuster premieres, and because of the immense success of the films premiere the salaries of the talent behind Marvel’s movies seem to be the main focus of discussion around the web.

Kevin Fiege, the producer of most Marvel/Disney films, has teased fans with the idea that a new Hulk film starrting Mark Rufallo may be on the cards. Mark Rufallo responds.

Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go on a pub crawl of epic proportions in Edgar Wright's The Wrold's End.

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