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Bungie's upcoming "shared-world" shooter; Destiny, just recieved a brand new game play video that shows the game in action. A team of three players fight their way into "the Devil's Lair", and take on the hostile Fallen. The game play has that undeniable Bungie atmosphere to it that we came to know and love in their Halo games, in everything from the soundtrack (composed by long-time Bungie collaborator Martin O'Donnell), to character designs and action itself. Check out the game play in the video below 

The highly anticipated Watch_Dogs has finally gotten a definitive release date. After several changes to the release date it has been confirmed that the game is coming out on May 27th. Along with these news we have a brand new trailer for the game's story that shows off some cool game play moments as well.

The developers at From Software give us a behind-the-scenes look at the Dark Souls 2. The team discuss the themes and concepts that they want to incorporate in this sequel, and give us an idea of what the Dark Souls experience is all about. 

Come March, gamers worldwide are gearing up to go beyond death in Dark Souls II. Any true Dark Souls fan will want to get their hands on the sweet collectors edition. 

Atlus have released a short teaser for the upcoming title in their Megami Tensei series of video games; Persona 5. The game is set to release as a PS3 exclusive in late 2014 in Japan, and the new teaser announces that the game will come to the west in 2015.    

The upcoming Godzilla reboot has finally gotten its first official cinematic trailer. We're treated to a few short glimpses of the creature as well as images of the destruction left by the movie's monsters. Usually we don't get too excited about all these reboots coming out of Hollywood, but Godzilla looks like it will actually be an epic monster movie! Check out the official trailer and description below

In the newest trailer for MachineGames' upcoming shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda Softworks announce that a Doom Beta access key will be available for those that pre-order the game. The trailer itself is pretty kick-ass too as it introduces the cast of characters in The New Order, and shows off some game play as well. 

Ground Zeroes is about a month away, and Metal Gear Solid buffs everywhere are itching to get their hands on this prequel to MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. The game will be launching on the Xbox 360 & One and the PlayStation 3 & 4 on the 20th of March. To tide us over for the time being - Konami has released a video that compares all of the four versions of the game. 

The Dead Rising Collection is coming to Europe for the Xbox 360 on March 7th according to the latest post by the official Dead Rising facebook page.

Capcom Vancouver has released a sizeable 13GB title update for their open-world zombie game Dead Rising 3. The update paves the way for the game's first DLC epsiode; Operation Broken Eagle.

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