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Mike Tomasson

Mike Tomasson


The PlayStation Network is currently down to due a bombardment of DDoS attacks. Hacker group, Lizard Crew, boast about how they took the PlayStation Network down.

The Sims 4 will allow players to create almost any sim they can imagine. With the new click n' drag sliders and advanced edit feature you can spend hours creating your perfect sim. Unfortunately, sometimes the result can be quite shocking.
We are glad that All Tomorrow's Parties, a music festival that is hosted in Iceland and the United Kingdom, is being hosted yet again in Iceland. Last year we sent our senior music editor to cover the festival and he got to experience a rather sexual and intimate moment with folk-legend Nick Cave.
A super small, and very independent, developer has been working on a rather scary looking survival horror game for the last few years. The catch is that despite not being a triple A title with amazing graphics, Darkwood looks a lot scarier than most games. Darkwood aims to deliver rich game-play with longevity like no other.
Sledgehammer have given us a glimpse of what we are to expect from the graphics engine of the up-coming Call of Duty game that, if history repeats itself, will most likely release October this year. Seriously? Are we supposed to be impressed?
Developer: Young Horses
Publisher: Young Horses
Genre: Puzzle Game
Release Date: 22.04.2014
Official Site:
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports Simulator
Release Date: 13.04.2014
Official Site:
Project Zomboid, even in its earliest stages of development, is one of the most interesting Zombie games out there. In Project Zomboid you can literally do anything to aid your survival -- and with the developers, The Indie Stone, working on a multi-player mode the game will most likely delivery the definitive zombie experience.
Dust 514 is most likely one of the most underrated first-person shooter games of the last generation. It is so deep that it goes way beyond any other shooter across any other platform -- despite that -- unfortunately,  it didn't really excite people. Why? There were definitely some noticeable issues with Dust 514 on the PlayStation 3. Controller lag and low resolution textures were the result of the PlayStation 3's complex architecture -- but, at its core, Dust 514 is a brilliant experience. Why not bring it to the PlayStation 4; well, we asked CCP that very question.

Dean “Rocket” Hall showed interest in bringing the standalone version of his successful ArmA 2 mod; DayZ, to consoles. Early last year, 2013, Dean hinted at a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 port for DayZ Standalone, but months and months of spontaneous delays means that the game is being released post- PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch rendering a smaller chance of the game being released on last-gen consoles. Dean, however, is still very excited about the idea of brining his upcoming game to consoles, especially with Bohemia Interactive and Sony’s new indie-game partnership, and, of course, the PlayStation’s extreme developer friendly contract for indie games.

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