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Wednesday, 19 December 2012 04:35

The Phantom Pain Creator To Retire Featured

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Joakim N. Mogren, CEO of Moby Dick Studios, has fallen severely ill from his chemotherapy and will retire his position. Joakim single handedly hand-picked and staffed Moby Dick Studios so this news has devastated the talented team behind the highly anticipated Phantom Pain, inspiring fear of cancelation of development. However, Phantom Pain has piqued the interest of Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, and he has showed interest in buying the studio, outright.

Okay, so we admit it. This headline is just as phony as Moby Dick Studios and the actual existence of Joakim (Kojima) Mogren (yeah, it's Hideo with a blonde wig and mustache and he looks a little like the Japanese Hulk Hogan), but Joakim N. Morgren's actual Twitter page did, in fact, tweet that this fictional character was going in for chemotherapy. 
There was never a doubt in our mind that the trailer revealed at the VGA 2012 was for Metal Gear Solid V.  
It does, though, seem that this little marketing stunt has an expiration date. Though some may consider it tasteless, Kojima Productions plan on killing off this fictional character we've come to know as Joakim. His latest tweet revealed that he is heading to New York City for his final Chemo treatment which only has a success rate of 15%. We personally don't take any offense to this—we find this marketing strategy highly entertaining—and we hope you don't either.
So now that we can say that we are 100% confident that Phantom Pain is the new Metal Gear Solid game, what the hell is it about? Here is our guess:
The Phantom Pain is a prequel to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It is heavily focused on the origins of Solid Snake; a clone of Big Boss. A lot of people seem to think that Volgin is the burning man that they saw in the trailer. It would make sense that he is the main antagonist as he is Big Boss's arch nemesis; he's probably hell bent on making sure no Naked Snake clones survive.

It is also brilliant, I might add, how they chose a name for their imaginary development studio. Moby Dick Studios. Why Moby Dick, you ask? Anyone who has read or studied this masterpiece of literature will know that Herman Melville's novel deals with complex themes such as good and evil, the existence of God, and the question of self identity and purpose. Might also point out Moby Dick  bit off Abha's leg; this perfectly coincides with Snake's missing arm. To further push the clone theory it also is worth mentioning that Moby Dick inspired the creation of Monstro, the sperm whale in Disney's Pinocchio; shouldn't need to spell out what Solid Snake and Pinocchio have in common, but I will; both clones, in away, searching for answers to their existence. Whales, when one takes symbolism into consideration, usually represent death and rebirth... and this is a reoccurring theme throughout this marketing campaign: Joakim-Kojima, Big Boss-Solid Snake. So, in this instance, who is Moby Dick? Most likely Big Boss.
What do you think the next Metal Gear Solid game will be about?
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