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Saturday, 16 February 2013 15:05

Weekly Recap - February Week 2 Featured

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Been a busy week for you? Missed out on some of the latest news? Perhaps you're completely out of the loop with the latest discussions. Don't fret. Once a week we recap the hottest news, opinions and articles so you won't miss out. We've got everything covered; from the controversial launch of Aliens: Colonial Marines, to the delay of The Last of Us.


No More Run & Gun – Takedown One Step Closer to Launch

Today, the gaming market is inundated with"run and gun" shooters. It's hard to find a decent tactical shooter. Christian Alan, director of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise, and his Seatle-based development studio, Serellan, have partnered up with global gamer publisher 505 Games to help bring this Kickstarter-backed project to our consoles and Pcs.
A new entry in the Batman: Arkham series confirmed for 2013.
The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS3 exclusive survival horror title, has been officially delayed from its original may 7th release date to june 14th worldwide, Sony has confirmed.
What is this top secret new game from 11bit Studios? A new teaser that released this week tells us nothing except that it looks post-apocalyptic, has motorbikes, trucks, and shotty character animation.
New game-play trailer for Dark makes PlayStation 3 owners jealous.


Aliens: Colonial Marines has managed to piss of scores of people. People are shaking their pitchforks at Gearbox Studios, and rightly so. That definitive Aliens experience that we've all been promised and have been anxiously waiting for never came. There is, however, an alternative and—even though it pains me to say this, it's called Aliens vs. Predator. 
The best thing about watching crappy television shows like X-Factor or [insert country here] Idol is the audition. Why? Because they are so painfully awkward and funny. But who needs shows like that when you can get all the laughs you need from Singstar. Here are this weeks top 10 worst performances on Singstar--videos and all! 
Videogames is the medium that makes most sense for comic/superhero adaptations. We get the chance to play as our favorite heroes and anti-heroes, and join them in one of their adventures. These kinds of games are often, sadly, lazy rush-jobs that don't do the license any justice, in an attempt to cash-in on fans' love and devotion to the franchise. Thankfully, there are some games that get it right. These are 10 of the best videogames that capture the spirit of being super.
Remember those point and click classics? All those great series like Police Quest, Space Quest, Maniac Mansion, and even Leisure Suit Larry? What if they were revived... but with style.
I am surprised. I am very surprised. The franchise that has probably endured the most ridicule for the last 5 years is one of the first to take a significant step toward the next generation of gaming. Though the latest Call of Duty game didn't do much, if anything, to revolutionise the genre, it has raised the bar for all genres. 


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