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Xbox One owners are still left in the dark with any news on a No Man's Sky release. All evidence suggests that Gamescom will finally give gamers the answer they deserve, but might not necessarily want.
We are glad that All Tomorrow's Parties, a music festival that is hosted in Iceland and the United Kingdom, is being hosted yet again in Iceland. Last year we sent our senior music editor to cover the festival and he got to experience a rather sexual and intimate moment with folk-legend Nick Cave.

Bungie's upcoming "shared-world" shooter; Destiny, just recieved a brand new game play video that shows the game in action. A team of three players fight their way into "the Devil's Lair", and take on the hostile Fallen. The game play has that undeniable Bungie atmosphere to it that we came to know and love in their Halo games, in everything from the soundtrack (composed by long-time Bungie collaborator Martin O'Donnell), to character designs and action itself. Check out the game play in the video below 

Tomorrow (21st of March) is the launch of one of Sony’s big exclusive PlayStation 4 games; infamous: Second Son. For the past couple of weeks Sony have been experiencing problems with people leaking footage and information about the game, and are now considering action to prevent future leaks.


The highly anticipated Watch_Dogs has finally gotten a definitive release date. After several changes to the release date it has been confirmed that the game is coming out on May 27th. Along with these news we have a brand new trailer for the game's story that shows off some cool game play moments as well.

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