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Mike Tomasson

Mike Tomasson


Project Zomboid, even in its earliest stages of development, is one of the most interesting Zombie games out there. In Project Zomboid you can literally do anything to aid your survival -- and with the developers, The Indie Stone, working on a multi-player mode the game will most likely delivery the definitive zombie experience.
Dust 514 is most likely one of the most underrated first-person shooter games of the last generation. It is so deep that it goes way beyond any other shooter across any other platform -- despite that -- unfortunately,  it didn't really excite people. Why? There were definitely some noticeable issues with Dust 514 on the PlayStation 3. Controller lag and low resolution textures were the result of the PlayStation 3's complex architecture -- but, at its core, Dust 514 is a brilliant experience. Why not bring it to the PlayStation 4; well, we asked CCP that very question.

Dean “Rocket” Hall showed interest in bringing the standalone version of his successful ArmA 2 mod; DayZ, to consoles. Early last year, 2013, Dean hinted at a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 port for DayZ Standalone, but months and months of spontaneous delays means that the game is being released post- PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch rendering a smaller chance of the game being released on last-gen consoles. Dean, however, is still very excited about the idea of brining his upcoming game to consoles, especially with Bohemia Interactive and Sony’s new indie-game partnership, and, of course, the PlayStation’s extreme developer friendly contract for indie games.

I guess I may be a little late on this, and most of you have probably already traded in or sold your PlayStation 3’s to make room for the PlayStation 4. Well, if that is the case you may regret it after this article; here is why:

Sony has shown innovation with trying to modify the DualShock set-up to make it future safe. Compared to the Xbox One’s new controller, the PlayStation 4 seems to have a little more thought put in it. Unfortunately, when it comes to design and execution the DualShock does not even hold a candle to the Xbox One controller.

The Uncharted film adaptation has seen several rewrites and re-casts to the point where fans are starting to lose hope. Rest assured, the movie is in production and is slated for a 2016 release -- and, to make things easier for the producers, we've found Nathan Drake!

The integration of Twitch TV streaming into next-generation consoles is genius. However, some people are abusing this new feature in hopes of getting their 15 minutes of fame. Maybe that would be fine, if they didn't use Twitch TV and hog bandwidth from the real gamers who like to stream.

One of the most overlooked reports of last year was when Microsoft's Xbox 360 release policy was revealed. It forbids developers to do timed exclusives with any other company, release extra features on disc, and also stipulates that all multi-platform games must not look better on any other console. What exactly does this mean?

 Well, this isn't too much of a shock. Amazon have already made the next-gen Uncharted game available for pre-order. What is, however, rather strange is that they've also revealed a release date.

Remember Blasto? The space hunk super-hero whose sole purpose in life is to "save babes"? Well, it looks like a next-gen sequel for this frantically fun shooter might be revealed. Sony's interest in SpaceX is making a heck of a lot of sense now, wouldn't you say?

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