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Monday, 18 February 2013 16:13

Fans Furious At Capcom Again

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At first glance Capcom's Arcade Cabinet looks like a must-buy for most old-school gamers -- Section Z, Ghost n' Goblins, Gun Smoke, the list goes on -- but this is not the case at all. It seems as though Capcom are just pissing off their core fans.

Capcom are already in the grey-zone for making some pretty bad decisions regarding their games and how they implement DLC (more commonly known as downloadable content, but, as fans like to say, disc locked content in capcom's case). Forcing you to buy unlock codes online for content that's already on your disc. To the fans it seems as though Capcom have decided to go a similar route with release of their Arcade Cabinet.

GAME PACK 1 – Available February 19th/20th | $4.99/€4.99/£3.99/400MSP
  • Black Tiger 
  • 1943: Battle of Midway 
  • Avenger
GAME PACK 2 – Available March 5th/6th | $9.99/€9.99/£7.99/800MSP
  • Ghosts ‘n Goblins 
  • Gun.Smoke 
  • Section Z
GAME PACK 3 – Available March 19th/20th | $9.99/€9.99/£7.99/800MSP
  • Side Arms 
  • The Speed Rumbler
  • Exed Exes (Savage Bees)
GAME PACK 4 – Available April 2nd/3rd | $9.99/€9.99/£7.99/800MSP
  • Commando
  • Legendary Wings
  • Trojan
GAME PACK 5 – Available April 16th/17th | $9.99/€9.99/£7.99/800MSP
  • 1942
  • SonSon
  • Pirate Ship Higemaru
  • Fans who purchase all 15 games in the Capcom Arcade Cabinet will unlock exclusive access to two FREE bonus games. Feel free to try and guess what they are.
ALL-IN-ONE PACK – Available May 21st/22nd | $29.99/€29.99/£23.99/2000MSP
  • Purchase all 17 games and features in the Capcom Arcade Cabinet for a greatly reduced price.

The Arcade Cabinet consists of 17 games. 15 of which are purchasable, the other 2 you can only get once you've purchased all 15 games. Each game will be released individually and will also be available in downloadable game-packs. Each individual game costs $3.99USD on the PlayStation Network and 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade. The game-packs, however, cost $9.99USD on PlayStation Network and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade. If you were to purchase each game individually you would pay $59.85USD or 4800 Microsoft Points. If you opted for the game-packs (there are 4 that costs $9.99 and 1 that costs $4.99) you would be spending $44.95USD or 3600 Microsoft Points; that's a sagnificant price difference. It gets better, though; if you are patient enough and wait until the 21st of May you get the entire pack for $29.99USD on the PlayStation Network or 2000 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade. So, in a nutshell, if you decide to buy the games individually or in episodical game-packs (as they are trying to encourage you to do) you are basically throwing your money away.

Despite the rather hefty price tag for a somewhat small collection of games, it seems as though Capcom are withholding fan favorite classics from this arcade collection; no Street Fighter 2, Megaman, Super Ghost & Goblins, among many others. The fans are pissed off, and rightly so. It's hard to let something like this slide when another company released something simalar, but cheaper. In 2009 Sega released Sonic's Ultimate Gensis Collection which included 49 classic arcade games, including the biggest classics, on one disc.

There's no doubt that Capcom's Arcade Cabinet has some great games in its collection, but, according to many consumers, the price tag and the sales method are hardly justifiable. If you are considering getting Capcom's Arcade Cabinet, do yourself a favor and wait until May when the entire collection is available in one pack... unless you have money to waste.

Erina Victoria Rose

Contributing Author
Girl Gamer. Follow me on Twitter.


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