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Today, April 21st 2014, marks the official twenty-fifth birthday of the original Nintendo Game Boy. This innovative and widely successful handheld console launched in Japan on April 21st in 1989. Combined with its successor; the Game Boy Colour, the system has sold a whopping 118.69 million units worldwide. Since then the Game Boy has gone through various redesigns and upgrades, eventually passing the handheld torch to the Nintendo DS. The Game Boy’s influence and legacy is strong and far-reaching to this day, and it will continue to be remembered and hold a dear place in gamers’ hearts for years to come.

Video game Easter eggs are a common concept in the gaming industry, as a lot of games have one or more hidden away inside them. These Easter eggs can be anything the developer has hidden for inquisitive players to find. Usually it’s a message from the developer, a nod to other games or a pop-culture reference, or just something weird and wacky. In the spirit of Easter, we’re going to have a look at where the concept and term originated.

Easter is upon us and that means that plenty of eggs will be decorated and hunted, and various treats will be consumed. Easter eggs are very common in video games, with most games harbouring one or more. All this talk about eggs got me thinking about where they come from, and so we are going to pay tribute to our five favourite video game chickens.

Ever since I first tried a demo for the original Grand Theft Auto back in 1997; GTA has been one of my favourite video game franchises. Throughout the years I've poured countless hours into the series' many games, and regard it as some of my most enjoyable and best spent video game time. Back in the day I couldn't wait to play a GTA that was set in a vibrant and living open 3D world, and GTAV is the embodiment of my youthful fantasies. The road to where the series is now, however, has been nothing but a great ride - so let's take a look at the evolution of Grand Theft Auto.

After a good deal of hands-on time with Sucker Punch’s upcoming superpowered sandbox game; inFamous Second Son, it’s clear that this is one of the best looking games we’ve played. With a lack of titles that truly look and feel next-gen to accompany the release of Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles – inFamous: Second Son is a game that delivers on that front.

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